Loan Consulting

SourceFunding founder, John Hart, and his team have built a strong statewide reputation for structuring creative financial packages for business formation, expansion, refinance, and acquisition events. He and his team work with small to mid-sized businesses and underserved sectors to help them acquire the funding they need. 

Having assembled a team of professionals with many years of experience in accounting, finance, and loan consulting, SourceFunding is prepared to help your business explore funding alternatives and assist in choosing the best programs and lenders for the given need.  Additionally, financial institutions rely on the expertise of our knowledgeable business professionals to assist in screening, qualifying, packaging, and placing their loans with the SBA and other agencies.

Our extensive experience in the commercial lending sector enables us to minimize the “red tape” required to access public loan guarantees and financing. We will prepare all the necessary application documents for the selected programs, emphasizing the strengths of your business and explaining the steps to be taken to overcome weaknesses and deficiencies. Next, we will work with you to choose the most appropriate lenders for your unique situation, and help prepare your package for presentation. Our experience in accessing public sector funds through willing lenders has resulted in an extremely high success rate.