Lender Services

SourceFunding maintains relationships with a variety of financial institutions that are able and even anxious to provide loans to qualified applicants. Our reach includes local, regional, and national lenders. We serve these lenders as a professional resource in screening, qualifying, packaging, and placing their loans with the SBA and other agencies. We provide expertise to the lender in the structure of the loan application as well as extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations applicable to specific types of borrower situations. 

We have an excellent working relationship with officers and staff of the SBA and other government guaranty providers. If we do not know the answer to a question, we will use our established communication channels to get the right answer quickly. 

We also have the experience and knowledge necessary to access these agencies in other areas of the country. These relationships assure our lenders and clients the best and fastest possible chance of success in meeting their demanding qualifications. 

We, along with our participating partners, assist the lender all the way through the approval process, including all SBA paperwork, the lender’s loan analysis, and interface with SBA loan officers. 

Download the SBA 7A Loan Packet