How And Where To Get Grant Funding For Your Nonprofit?

How And Where To Get Grant Funding For Your Nonprofit?

By Source Funding
Monday, October 05, 2020

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In the world of nonprofits, one of the questions that comes up a lot is, “Is our organization eligible for a grant, and where do we go to get one?” In this article, we will talk about 3 tips to get grant funding for your nonprofit.

1. First, make sure your organization is eligible for a grant.

For an organization to be eligible for a grant, it needs to be designated as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (nonprofit) by the IRS.

There are some exceptions to this rule, but for most funding foundations and governmental organizations, a nonprofit designation is necessary before any grant is considered. An attorney can help your organization in getting this designation.

2. Next, find the right source for the grant you need.

There are literally thousands of foundations, state agencies, and federal departments that give out millions of dollars in grants every year. Additionally, many of the stores and banks where we do business every day have a foundation that they maintain. It takes thorough research to find the right grantmaker that wants to help fund your organization.

Each funding foundation has its own particular area of interest where it wants its money to go. A foundation might be interested in helping veterans, children in poverty, medical research, or something else.

It is up to the researcher to pick the foundation that most closely mirrors the mission statement of the nonprofit requesting the grant.

3. Finally, consider hiring a grant writer.

A good grant writer is trained in research and usually has the database available to find the foundations most likely to be interested in funding a nonprofit’s grant request.

Many organizations are sometimes intimidated by the grant process. It can seem like a daunting, mysterious process one step above voodoo. However, hiring a professional grant writer can make the process easy.

A professional grant writer can also increase your chances of getting the grant you need for your organization. He or she has the expertise, research know-how, and industry knowledge to access a grant from a grantmaker who is passionate about your organization’s mission.

Need help? Contact Source Funding in Texas today to speak with a professional grant writer. Our team has worked with organizations like yours for years and can help you fund your nonprofit quickly.

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