Grant Writing Expertise for Non-profits Impacted by COVID-19

Grant Writing Expertise for Non-profits Impacted by COVID-19

By Source Funding
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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The world has faced a situation unlike any in recent memory in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos in nearly every industry across the globe, from government to education to business. Among the types of organizations most impacted by this pandemic is the non-profit sector. Just when many non-profits were planning for vital spring galas and other fundraising activities, COVID-19 shut everything down.

Donations are also at a record low. That's because charitable contributions are often one of the first line items families and businesses cut from their budget when facing financial hard times.

Many non-profits are left with the dilemma of not only how to fund projects, both new and ongoing, but also how to protect the demographic that they serve from a killer disease that shows no sign of abating anytime soon.

How Grant Writing For Non-Profits Can Help

In times like these, a grant writer might be the way to solve the "funding gap" that many non-profits are experiencing. Every year, millions of dollars are given by foundations to worthy non-profits. Your non-profit may qualify for special funding that could keep your organization afloat throughout this pandemic.

Do You Need A Grant Writer Or Can You Write The Grant Yourself?

You may be wondering, "Does our organization really need a grant writer, or can we just write our own grants?" Good question. Here are three ways non-profits will benefit from working with a professional grant writer:

1. Save Time

The first reason a non-profit organization should hire a grant writer is TIME. There is never enough of it. Writing a successful grant is an incredibly time consuming and often tedious job. This is a lot to ask a volunteer to do. And it's not much easier for a non-profit employee either. The question comes down to, "When will I have time to research and then write this grant?"

Are you prepared to take time away from your other duties to work on a grant? Do you write it at night or on the weekends? Tough choices.

2. Hire An Expert

The second reason for using a grant writer is EXPERTISE. A professional grant writer will have the resources and means to research a grant request and put that request together with a foundation interested in funding the grant.

The information uncovered by a professional grant writer is often not readily available to the public. It takes a great deal of digging, especially if the grant funders are governmental agencies or large corporate foundations.

To put it simply, a professional grant writer can do a lot to save time and give you peace of mind in funding your project, especially during trying times like these.

3. Present A Compelling Case

The organizations applying for a grant are often competing with other non-profits for funding. Persuasively communicating your vision and need, and describing how the grant will be used to accomplish both is crucial. A grant writer can help you convey your organization's mission and business plan to help you access the funding you need.

Talk To A Professional Grant Writer About A COVID-19 Non-Profit Grant.

If you'd like to speak with a grant writer and discuss funding possibilities for an upcoming project, the team at Source Funding would be happy to schedule a FREE consultation with you and your team. Contact us today.

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